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In today’s ever-changing world, companies are searching for the new opportunities how to sustain and grow their business. The term digitalization has come to define the global business landscape.

Such a process has enabled the exchange of business ideas and models at an unprecedented pace, whilst allowing smaller entrepreneurs to more easily establish themselves in a globalized setting. Nonetheless, digitalization has also forced businesses to radically change their operating models and principles, thereby creating never-before-seen disturbances across many industries.

Considering the aforementioned, we believe that the entrepreneurs of today are, perhaps more than ever, in need of professional guidance to successfully navigate through the newly arisen reality. To address this, we’re offering competent team of people willing to support and contribute in finding the optimal business path in a new circumstances.

Having been part of a world-leading home furnishing brand, we have had the opportunity to work in a multitude of diverse business settings, including more than 25 countries. Indeed, it is throughout our many years of loyalty to the company, that we have substantially matured as members of the corporate world. By having spent the majority of our business careers in a stable international company, we have, in a certain sense, developed corporate values and an overall awareness of the specifics of working in a large organization. On the other hand, the numerous changes and challenges we faced were critical in helping us foster an entrepreneurial spirit, as we have demonstrated and realized the vigor, creativity, and resilience needed to successfully operate a company.


Using our core values and experiences we will listen to, understand, challenge and support business leaders and their companies in developing business operations and creating added value for their company and customers


Contribute to improvement of businesses of our clients and by that general business environment

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existing businesses

Relying on our “know-how” gained through numerous years spent in various managerial positions, we offer the possibility of substantially improving and developing the running business operations of our clients.

Compared to other consultancy companies, our guidance is not merely limited to theoretically supporting the client, but is instead grounded on concrete and practical solutions based on our experiences and our proven track record.


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our offer

investors and new businesses

Our focus areas encompass following services:

• Country/market analysis

• Competition mapping and Risk mapping support

• HR-Labor market analysis

• PR and PA analysis including stakeholder mapping and government relation support

• Country/Market Penetration plans

• Administrative set up of the organization

• Recruitment, coaching & mentoring of leading positions, management & leadership trainings

• Location scouting & assessment (if needed, the acquisition/leasing of land or premises)

• Providing reliable partners for outsourcing parts of the operational business

• Retail-based set up of the organization, including range & pricing support (specific for retailers)

• Providing all relevant expatriate services for foreign employees (via our extensive network of partners)

existing businesses

Our focus areas encompass:

Assisting in the identification of business change opportunities and capability gaps.

Defining necessary business capability-enabling solutions, as well as their implementation across the business.

The development of, and the improvement of organizational strategy.

Connected to focus areas, we offer following services:

• Process analysis and improvements (optimization)

• Supplier scouting & assessment

• Business plan creation and/or implementation advisory

• Government relations support 

• Providing reliable partners for the outsourcing parts of the operational business

• Coaching & mentoring of leading positions Management & leadership trainings 



we have strategic partners in following areas




information technology


facility management

accounting and payroll



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who we are

We are an independent management consulting and advisory team, consisting of four senior managers. The experience we possess has come through the different managerial roles we have assumed, and the countries within which we have represented a leading home furnishing company.

We have been engaged in the following positions:

* Regional and Country CEO and Retail Manager
* Regional Property and Expansion Manager
* Regional Supply Chain Manager
* Regional IT Manager
* Regional HR Manager
* Regional Administration Manager
* Country Marketing Manager
* Store Manager

our team


Dragan Skalušević

Business Development Manager

- Retail
- Strategic Management
- People & Organization
- New Markets

Vladislav Lalić


- Public Affairs
- Real Estate
- Supply Chain
- New Markets

Goran Milenković


- Digital
- Business Administration
- Process Optimization
- New Markets