Dragan Skalusevic

Dragan started his professional carrier as a navy officer back in 1985. His curiosity and exploration spirit brought him in ’91 to IKEA, Swedish home furnishing retailer. During nearly 30 years in one of the biggest retail chains in the world, Dragan has been working in different senior positions and different countries: Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, South East Europe and China.

His experience and competences are coming from retail operation and establishing new enterprises in the existing or new markets. During his carrier Dragan has been part of establishing new stores in 28 locations, while he has been part of opening 4 new markets in South East Europe.

Main expertise is coming from general management, retail establishment & retail operation, Marketing, strategy implementation, project & risk management, land negotiations, real estate and high-level public affairs.

Dragan is native Serbian, living and working in Belgrade. Fluent in English, Polish, Czech and understanding Russian.